Chapel Place, London



Chapel Place, London

This was a challenging site as it has a very discreet entrance hidden behind a church - not only this - but the entrance is only a meet and greet and the restaurant is in the basement. The basement space was vast and had very little natural light, this was fantastic for us as lighting designers as it gave us a blank canvas to create a stunning atmosphere without constraint.

The client Goodman restaurants, with whom we have worked on numerous projects over many years, were keen to see a simple space lit with candles. This is obviously not very user friendly for the staff, so we designed some candle trays with special LED flicker candles. These are technically very advanced as they have random flicker generators with three different colour LEDs in each candle - this creates the most authentic illusion of real candle light.

We had to create an interesting entrance so that people at night could see the space and be drawn into the reception. So we designed a wave canopy with DLSM, that incorporated colour changing LED nodes that pulse in a wave to draw the eye through from the outside canopy into the reception.

We then wanted a light feature in the lift down to the restaurant space, this also incorporated programmed RGB nodes built into the ceiling of the lift as the only light source. When the doors open the lift car is red, as it descends the light transforms from red into purple and then blue. As the doors open you are greeted by Crab tanks bathed in Blue light, you then walk through the bar area into the candle lit dining space.

Overall this project was very well received and is still highly commended by all that visit the restaurant and partake in the amazing culinary feast that awaits.

Interior Designers

Andy Harwood, Design LSM

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