Deansgate, Manchester



Deansgate, Manchester

This is was the third project for the Hawksmoor team, they are a great team of people with a passion for good food and drink.

The interiors are always very honest and true to the architecture that they find. This old building on Deansgate in Manchester was not a natural space to occupy - being a set of buildings joined together to create a ground floor space.

The lighting is very simple and understated - using reclaimed American Holophane glass pendants mounted in each room exactly where you would expect to find a central pendant. We designed a family of wall lights using ribbed glass to tie in with the reclaimed pendants. The use of trimless discreet deep baffled miniature downlights mounted in exact locations to accent bars or artwork, complement the scheme.

Another reclaimed period multi-arm pendant was sourced and hung in the entrance area to create a warm glow to the restaurant.

Interior Designers

Macaulay Sinclair

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