Knightsbridge, London



Knightsbridge, London

Occupying the old Frankie Dettori and Marco Pierre White restaurant - this iconic location required a landmark scheme to ensure it would successfully carry on the tradition. The Hawksmoor team known for there wonderful understated and comfortable relaxed spaces were the ideal new tenant.

The restaurant is reached by a quiet, almost hidden entrance down to a basement bar and restaurant. The lighting was always going to be key to creating a welcoming atmosphere to both lunchtime and evening diners. Almost exclusively lit with bespoke custom designed ceiling fixtures and reclaimed table lamps, you descend into a bar illuminated with solid brass fixtures with bespoke fixed bar lamps and brass box lanterns.

The low ceiling bar space then opens up into a grand vaulted ceiling dining room with just column mounted solid brass period dish uplights to the four square supports and linear LED uplights, concealed behind the horseshoe booths. The ceiling is bathed in reflected light and creates a sense of height which belies the actual space the designers had to work with. The central island banquet seating unit has a row of tall brass and leather clad candlestick style lamps, again designed and manufactured for the project. We then designed and made a family of battery operated (rechargable) table amps for the staff to place on tables without the need for trailing cables.

This project was very time consuming, as it required a huge amount of design for both the lighting scheme and the huge amount of special light fixtures we designed and then diligently fashioned using solid brass for all parts. It is hopefully going to live forever as it was designed and manufactured to last!

Interior Designers

Macaulay Sinclair

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