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Old Bailey, London


Burger & Lobster

Old Bailey, London

Occupying the ground floor of a newly constructed office building on the Old Bailey site, this restaurant is another fantastic B&L space. The ceiling and structure were left in the bare concrete, and a huge set of reclaimed yacht sales were strung from the columns and walls to create a decorative ceiling.

We up-lit into these sails to amplify their scale, which in turn reflected light back down to illuminate the space. The huge windows along one side where screened by a vast undulating wall of lobster pots - each one lit from the inside by a single LED filament lamp. This created a vast internal and external display, captivating potential customers from a far and enticing them to the warm glowing space.

The entrance is through a timber tunnel that glows from within, facing a blue glowing tower of lobster tanks, there can be no mistake to the culinary feast awaiting you.

To light the tables, spotlights were mounted carefully between the sails to prevent the creation of unwanted shadows on the diners below.

Photography : William J Pearce

Interior Designers

Andy Harwood, Design LSM

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